• Features: 
  • Designed for Instant Pot® 6 and 8 Quart models
  • Tempered glass base to prepare, cut and serve on the same platter
  • Made of the highest standards of food grade safe silicone
  • Made from FDA & LFGB tested inert food safe silicone
  • BPA free
  • Heat resistant to 450F (230C)
  • Dishwasher & freezer safe
  • Internal Diameter: 6.5”, Width: 3.75”, Depth: 2.5”
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.8 x 2.5 inches


Instant Pot® silicone springform loaf pan is ideal for loaf cakes and bread. It is designed to fit onto the silicone steam rack for easy removal from your Instant Pot®.  The clips hold the pan together and open to allow easy release.  With the tempered glass base one may prepare, cut, and serve on the same platter.